The Barrett Group produces a wide variety of custom designed national and regional consumer and employee marketing and incentive programs for major corporations in both traditional and new media (online/Internet promotions.)

Our general services include program conceptual design, supervision and implementation; development of all creative elements, including copywriting and graphic design; contest/sweepstakes implementation, security printing and seeding; prize pool procurement and design; and complete fulfillment services, tracking and promotion result analysis. As an additional service, we provide an 800# customer service line for our promotions, so we're the ones answering all the questions, taking re-orders, and searching for lost materials! The point is we want this to be easy for you!

We concept and design a program specifically to fit your particular marketing need using the appropriate vehicles which makes sense for your audience. Our programs usually consist of a combination of vehicles, such as scratch off/rub off cards, discount cards, collectibles, 800# interactive telephone systems, sweepstakes entry forms, fax promotions, etc. In a nutshell, we custom design cost-effective creative promotions to meet your needs and work efficiently within complex operational environments to achieve bottom line results.

Our experience in diverse industries affords the opportunities and contacts to partner with other companies.. There are many reasons to tie businesses together for a promotional venture - whether it be for cross traffic, prize offerings, or other common goals.

Need a customized premium? Want to create your own? The Barrett Group can help you with all your premium needs. Our personalized approach to problem solving extends to the development and/or sourcing of all types of premium items from apparel and electronics to food. We have developed unique and effective premiums to motivate consumers and employees.

Prizes & Insurance
The Barrett Group can secure any type of prize for your consumer incentive program - whether it be cash, trips, cars or a customized premium. Our prizes come in many formats from the most grandiose to the smallest! We handle all prize procurement for our programs, or are happy to assist you in awarding prizes you've secured. Did you ever wonder how a company can afford to offer a $10 million prize? Insurance allows you the opportunity to offer big prizes without spending your entire annual promotion budget! The amount of the insurance premium is based on the size of the insured prize, the risk involved, and the structure of your game. Other elements may also influence the cost. Big prizes tend to attract more traffic, more sales, more viewers, readers or listeners! We have the contacts to secure your next big prize pool and turn your promotion into a memorable one!