Whether you want to increase sales, generate product referrals or reinforce a training program, The Barrett Group can develop a customized employee incentive program for you that works! All of our programs are comprehensive, creatively designed packages strategically aimed at resolving your internal marketing challenges.

Turnkey Programs
We provide complete turnkey programs that work with your systems, including program development, production and fulfillment services. Simplicity and the added elements of fun and interaction provide the foundation of our most successful internal programs. We have incorporated many different tactics, such as games, training contests, specialized premiums, interactive telephone programs, and Internet-based incentives.

Sales Training Support
The Barrett Group has produced a wide variety of employee promotional sales and training elements in many mediums - including a myriad of printed formats as well as audio and video cassettes and CDs. We can produce these items as part of a customized turnkey program, or individually. Employee training can be made to be fun! The training support programs we design reinforce your message and help employees retain the information. Your employees will love our programs! And, your bottom line will show the results.

Print, Audio, Video & CD's
The following is a sample list of Sales Training support materials our kits might include:

  • Sales and training brochures
  • Press Kits
  • Meeting materials
  • Banners and Signage
  • Manager Guides
  • In Store Collateral
  • Signage & POP
  • Training videos
  • Audiotapes/CDs
The Barrett Group can secure any type of prize or recognition award for your employee incentive program - whether it be cash, trips, cars or a customized premium item. Our recognition awards and prizes come in many formats from the most grandiose to the smallest!

Trade programs
Do you have a new product or new service you want to sell to your customers? The Barrett Group can help creatively package and generate interest from all channels of trade.