We produce promotions that work...with excellent customer service!

As a full service sales promotion agency specializing in the custom design of consumer and employee incentive programs, The Barrett Group offers a wide range of promotional services (link to full list of services) including program conceptual design, supervision and implementation; development of all creative elements, including copy writing and graphic design; contest/sweepstakes rules, security printing and seeding; complete fulfillment services, tracking and promotion result analysis.

The Barrett Group provides consulting, development, administration and fulfillment services for major corporations in both traditional and new media (online/Internet) promotions. We offer promotion/marketing consulting services on an hourly, daily or project basis.

We have the facilities and organizational support to handle virtually any type of promotional or marketing program, from tracking data on a daily basis to fulfillment of cash prizes, merchandise, or travel. We have developed comprehensive company marketing plans, designed employee and sales incentive programs, produced unique customized premiums, conducted a wide variety of national sweepstakes and contests and produced and developed motivational meetings and seminars.

We design our programs using a number of vehicles, such as scratch off cards, discount cards, collectibles, 800 # interactive telephone systems, fax promotions, video, audio and CD, and Internet based marketing solutions.

Our national and local clients come from a myriad of industries, including: banking, oil company, fast food, automotive, retail, packaged goods, supermarket, theme park, entertainment, and .com companies.

What differentiates us from our competitors is the ability to listen carefully to our clients' needs, recognize that our clients know their businesses well, and design cost efficient programs that will work within their operational environments to achieve bottom line results. In short, we deliver well thought out, creatively designed packages strategically aimed at resolving the marketing challenges of our clients.

We are known for our creative approaches to solving marketing challenges within complicated operational environments. In short, we produce promotions that work!

Consult, Partner or Do it All!

The following is a general list of our services for all types of consumer and employee incentives. We can concept your promotion and run it from start to finish or we can handle any portion thereof! We act as your partner in planning and executing the best promotion possible for you! We also offer consulting services to assist you in running your own promotion!

List of Services


  • Marketing / Promotion Consulting
  • Contests, sweepstakes & games of chance
  • Online (Internet) promotions
  • Prize procurement
  • Customized premiums and continuity programs
  • Solicitation and coordination of tie-in partners
  • Retail Training, Incentives, & Communication
  • Sales and training programs
  • Trade Incentives


  • Write official contest/sweepstakes rules
  • FTC, State, trademark, registration and bonding
  • Affidavits & releases

Art & Graphic Design

  • Concept development
  • Artwork preparation
  • Copywriting

Printing & Production

  • Security game printing
  • In-store collateral materials
  • Point-of-sale
  • Training and promotion support materials
  • Audio, CD & Videotape production

Redemption & Processing

  • Contest & sweepstakes prize fulfillment
  • Online / Internet promotions
  • Traditional print promotions
  • Track and fulfill individual orders
  • Bulk or drop ship to individual locations as needed.
  • Data processing & research
    • Direct response: Mail, telephone and FAX
    • Sweepstakes Lists
    • Computerized drawings
    • Prize and rebate payments
  • Maintain 800# customer service lines
  • Security storage of entries
  • Winner notification & tax reporting