Along with our nationally recognized outside counsel, we keep on top of the latest Federal and State laws for all types of promotions including online, traditional games, contests and sweepstakes, coupon, rebate, product, and premium offers We write the rules or qualifiers, handle all the bonding, registration, and post-promotion reporting requirements. We know how to assure that your game is randomly seeded and how to comply with various State laws. We are the experts in our field!

Want to run your own contest or sweepstakes, but you're not completely sure of all of the legal aspects? We provide Consulting Services on an hourly, daily or weekly basis depending on your needs. We can write your rules, or simply review them to make sure you are covered! We can also review your contest copy and graphics to make sure you're in compliance with Federal and State regulations. Or, just to make sure that your message is clear. We can help you be more successful!

Write Rules
We have written rules for virtually every contest format: consumer, Internet, and internal. We keep abreast of the latest regulatory climate and have top outside counsel to assist in this process. We also write rules and consult for other types of promotional offers such as coupons, gift with purchase, gift card, rebates, coupons, premium promotions, and various paperless or online offers.

Registration & Bonding Services
Certain States have bonding and registration requirements for games of chance. We have the capabilities to coordinate this process on your behalf from the filing and purchase of the bonds to post-promotion reporting, record keeping, and bond release.

Affidavits, Liability and Publicity Releases
After a winner is selected, it is vitally important that legal details are handled properly to protect both you and your winner. We handle all of that time-consuming paperwork for you! We send a customized Affidavit or Declaration of Eligibility, Liability and Publicity Release, notify or instruct the winner on completion (and notarization if necessary) of the Affidavit or Declaration. We verify winner information and keep the paperwork on file.. One release or 1,000s, we've got the capabilities to streamline your winner processing and recordkeeping. We also provide your accounting department with tax reporting information, or handle the reporting ourselves.

Releases are not only important for consumer winners, but for awarding employee prizes as well. We provide customized reporting to fit your accounting requirements.

Tax Reporting
When the prize is awarded directly by The Barrett Group and the prize value exceeds the amount dictated by the Federal Government, we issue a 1099 tax form to the winner. If the prize is awarded by you, we provide a data file and copy of the appropriate release to you for issuance of the 1099 to the winner.